City of Pasadena
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Resource Summary
Resource Summary
Address: 48 N CATALINA Ave APN: 5738-005-022 [print]

This property is listed individually in the National Register of Historic Places. *
Address: 48 N CATALINA Ave
City: Pasadena State: CA
Zip Code: County: Los Angeles
County Code: 37
Historic Name: HARNETIAUX COURT Common Name:
APN: 5738-005-022 Zoning:
Building Sq. Ft: Site Size (Acres): 0.390
Year Built: 1922 Documented District:
District: Property Status: Designated
Resource Description:
Located just off the bustling thoroughfare of Colorado Boulevard, this court of eight single bungalows (each 28’x30’) and a two story duplex (30’x 36’) is on a block with mixed residential and commercial buildings of varying styles. The court is shaded by camphor trees which line Catalina Avenue.

The buildings are sited in a “U” shaped configuration on a lot 95 feet wide by 182 feet deep. A narrow central walkway is framed at the street entry by two stuccoed, concrete capped low pillars, which are inscribed in recessed letters, HARNETIAUX COURT and 48. A tall tapered concrete light standard, capped by a glass globe, is at the center of the walkway. The court has small trees and shrubs adjoining the walkway and between the houses.

Each wood frame bungalow is on a raised concrete foundation and finished in wood clapboard siding composition roofing. Both wood double-hung and wood casement windows are found. Doors and windows typically have thin muntins dividing the glass into smaller square and rectangular panes. The single bungalows are identical in design and have jerkinhead, of clipped gable roofs with wide eave overhands and exposed rafters. The main facades are symmetrical with a centered gable roofed portico that frames the entry door and is flanked on each side by a group of three windows. The portico is supported by tow modified Tuscan wood columns which rest on a concrete capped low parapet wall.

The two-story duplex, at the rear site, has a gable roof with a cross-gabled (jerkinhead) central protruding bay, at which the entrance to both units are located. The main façade has a symmetrical fenestration pattern.

The court was restored in 1983 and is well-maintained. Intact interior features include Murphy and trundle beds, and other built-ins typical of the 1920’s.
Legal Description:
Primary Architectural Style: Colonial Revival Bungalow
Secondary Architectural Style:
Architect: Joseph HARNETIAUX
Builder: Joseph HARNETIAUX
Context: Bungalow Courts 
Original Owner:
Original Use: Multi family Property
Original Location:
Demolished: no
Moved: no
Date Moved: n/a
Designation Date: n/a

* This is a simplified statement of the property's status. Please review the NRHP Status Code field on the search screen for official, adopted status language.