City of Pasadena
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Resource Summary
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c.  Address: 494 BRADFORD ST City: Pasadena State: CA Zip Code: 91105
d.  UTM: (Give more than one for large and/or linear resources)   Zone:   ; -118.160716  mE/ 34.132696  mN
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The nearly one-acre parcel is a hillside lot with a substantial topography change from the high point on the southeast corner to the low point on the northwest corner. The house is sited on the higher ground of the southeast portion of the property with a paved driveway from Bradford Street to the detached garage at the south rear of the house separating the expanse of the front garden that is a major portion of the lot. The house sits at a 45-degree angle to the east property lot line. The property also includes a rear garden re-designed in 1956 by Florence Yoch and Lucile Council, Yoch’s long-time business partner and companion.

House/garage – The Colonial Revival house is two stories with an irregular plan, gable roof, with a combination of wide wood clapboard and brick veneer siding. The entry is under a shed roof porch with square corner posts that is tucked into a corner formed by a projecting gable-roof wing of the right bay of the front elevation. The entry is accessed by a long flight of steps with a wrought iron handrail atop a concrete retaining wall that separates the driveway from the house. The Georgian style, paneled front door with sidelights is recessed behind louvered shutters. Two wall dormers on the left bay wing have 6-over-6 double hung windows and louvered shutters. All windows on the first story are six-over-9 double hung windows with brick lintels and paneled shutters. Chimneys on the house side elevations are the same brick as used on portions of the exterior walls. Other details include a fan vent in the projecting gable on the front elevation and decorative cornice under the minimally projected eaves of the roof.

The garage has two-stories, 6-over-6 double hung windows, a heavy wood paneled garage door, wide clapboard siding and a gable wall dormer.

Landscape – The main garden overall is asymmetrical in plan and is characterized by an axial north-south arrangement of a fountain, a lawn area and a gazebo at the western end. The garden also includes a rose garden; terraces formed by Arroyo stone or stacked broken concrete retaining walls; decomposed granite paths with brick edges; concrete and brick steps; planting beds defined by hedges, stones or brick retaining walls; and several mature trees. A substantial number of features of the original Florence Yoch design are intact in the front garden and some pathways, plantings and furnishings remain from the 1928 plan in the upper (back) garden. Although some major trees, shrubbery, flowers and tree groupings were part of the design, other plantings have been introduced or are extant because changes may have occurred while the garden was under construction, a practice for which the landscape designer was noted.
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