City of Pasadena
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Resource Summary
169 S St John Ave
Resource Summary
Address: 169 S St John Ave APN: 5713-014-026 [print]

This property has been determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing structure to an eligible historic district. *
Address: 169 S St John Ave
City: Pasadena State: CA
Zip Code: County: Los Angeles
County Code: 37
Historic Name: Ambassador West Common Name:
APN: 5713-014-026 Zoning:
Building Sq. Ft: Site Size (Acres):
Year Built: Documented District: Ambassador West Cultural Landscape Historic District
District: Ambassador West Cultural Landscape Historic District (surveyed)
Property Status: Surveyed
Resource Description:
Notes: Founded in 1947, Ambassador College began to acquire the historic mansions on the east side of Orange Grove Boulevard between Green Street and Del Mar Boulevard, including the grand Hewlitt C. Merritt mansion in 1956. Their individual gardens were redesigned by the EDAW landscape design firm between 1959 and 1983, incorporating their yards and site features into a unified campus. The Ambassador Auditorium performing arts facility was built in 1974 on northeast corner of the college's property lying to the west of the proposed 710 freeway connector. Subsequent to the closing of the Ambassador campus in 1990, this section of its holdings was designated as Ambassador West campus, and includes seven historic gardens that were identified in the 2006 Environmental Impact Report for its redevelopment. 
Legal Description:
Primary Architectural Style:
Secondary Architectural Style:
Architect: EDAW (landscape architect)
Context: Historic Designed Gardens 
Original Owner: Worldwide Church of God
Original Use: College
Original Location:
Demolished: no
Moved: no
Date Moved: n/a
Designation Date: n/a

* This is a simplified statement of the property's status. Please review the NRHP Status Code field on the search screen for official, adopted status language.